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Importantly, Public Address Systems are a necessity in spreading messages over large areas like malls, airports, warehouses, and the likes. Clear communication will bring about the general efficiency of the facility.

Just as families and friends visit malls and other leisure places during the festive season, I also took the time out to explore some malls with my family. Since I had knowledge of extra-low voltage systems, it, therefore, became an instinct to assess these ELV Systems in facilities I find them.

Along with my family, we shopped for goodies, and everything was going well till we all aligned on a queue to the cashier’s desk. Suddenly, we all heard a screeching sound echoing around the room. I tilted my head upward only to find the rusty speakers high above me.

There were some utterances from the announcer but we all could not hear a thing from what he said. Disappointedly, I shook my head and whispered to the person behind me; “We fix stuff like this at my workplace”.
However, during our visit to another mall, things were quite different. After shopping, we all went to the basement where the car was parked. As we got to the spot, we all hear an announcement from the speaker, “Attention please, car number…”.

With a satisfactory smile, I nodded and gave the mall a five-star rating on their website. They knew how things were done and took communication seriously.

Taking my first experience as a case study, whatever information the announcer had wanted to pass would have been futile because no one heard him. Things could get as worse as leaving the whole facility in chaos.

Surely, they had installed a Public Address System, but it was not effective. One of the following could have resulted in that

→ Inexperienced installers
→ Poor facility management
→ Lack of frequent maintenance

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